Eastern secondhand weaponry stall refurbished as good as brand new, collected as bounty trophies from past marks of criminals, wanted characters, and even supernatural beings.
Lances, swords, daggers, bows, and more!

Disclaimer: We do not give away actual weapons OOC, so please do not expect them at our stalls. It is for roleplaying purposes only.

Katana's, Odachis, Greatswords, Gunswords, Rapiers, etc. Each sword comes wrapped in fine cloth, protected and polished after being refurbished by our forge.

Weapon Model: Wave Shamshir
Background: It is rumoured that Ehja’ra, the swordsman who wielded this sword was tempered to Leviathan by the beastmen of the Reef of Sending after fleeing the Shroud to evade criminal charges. Water-aespected, this blade is somewhat flexible, yet durable, and took well to the refinements made in forgery.

Weapon Model: Gigas Greatsword
Background: Used by the zombie Wannwaht from the Guaranteed ship crash, this blade, while generic in design, has good weight, durability, been sharpened, and works as intended. Those who are looking for a greatsword that is simple yet effective may be pleased by this one.

Weapon Model: Cryptlurker's Sword x6
Background: From the depth of an unearthed tomb, these blades have been recovered, seemingly stashed away by pirates in the La Noscean region. The hilt guard is beautiful and elegant, and while somewhat dull in shimmer, this blade cuts clean through. Slightly on the heavy side.

Weapon Model: Martial Sword x10
Background: From the land of Ishgard, these weapons have done their part against the dragons all up until the end of the Dragonsong War. Having been set aside to gather dust, Night Raid took them to ensure their quality and give them new homes. Each blade sports a tourmaline jewel at the end of the hilt.

Weapon Model: Replica Law’s Order Zweihander (Metallic Bronze)
Background: Once belonging to an imperial commander, most Eorzeans might find this greatsword a challenge to wield due to its massive size. However, this sword is surprisingly well-balanced, and boasts a subtle serrated edge.

Weapon Model: Vintage Viking Sword x10
Background: A single-handed sword recovered from Belah’dian ruins, now reforged for use. This is a very light and balanced sword. The pommel is inscribed with Belah’dian runes for safety and good accuracy to the wielder.

Weapon Model: Serpent Officer's Longsword x10
Background: From the far south near Dalmasca, these swords were found from an abandoned campsite where signs of a scuffle were found, but no bodies. Beautiful in design, while the hilt appears somewhat rapier-like, a confident swordsman will find the weight on this blade average and comfortable.

Weapon Model: Cruadin
Background: A mysterious greatsword that was last seen in the claws of an angry megalocrab rising from the deep. Some theorize it was stolen from a shipwreck. Who knows what mighty civilization past forged this blade?

Weapon Model: Augmented Hellfire Blade
Background: A blade augmented in the fiery magma of Hell’s Lid. Crafted by a humble smith from Sui-no-sato, it was once an heirloom for a family that has since fallen from honour. Taken from a hunter of the Malaguld, it is thought to have been stolen. In perfect condition.

Weapon Model: Chromite Sword
Background: Sporting an elegant design, this sword was made specifically for the tyrant Marthine who once held a mighty force in Ala Ghannha before being taken down. Sharp and beautiful, if somewhat on the heavier side.

Weapon Model: Greatsword of the Forgiven
Background: The great sword of a bloodseeking fanatic. While this sword does not appear to have any outstanding properties, the metal is of a high density and sharpness, ensuring the prevention from chipping and scratches. Made in Ishgard, it’s design is plenty to brag about.

Weapon Model: Gordian Blade
Background: Stolen from a murderer of several counts, this blade’s original history is unknown, however the crystal has been tempered so as not to crack under pressure. With elegant engravings and an average weight, any hunter will take quickly to this shortsword.

Weapon Model: Coven Rapier x8
Background: Salvaged from a stolen shipment, any sign of these rapier’s previous and intended owners are gone, leaving them open for reacquisition. One will find the weight of these blades Well suited for spell fencing, however normal use is still highly encouraged, as all edges have been sharpened.

Weapon Model: Stonegold Rapier
Background: Once belonging to the leader of a band of sky pirates, this rapier has been reclaimed and polished in preparation for new ownership. The metal is sturdy, showing sign of being folded several times during its original casting.

Weapon Model: Ala Mhigan Rapier
Background: A thin, brass rapier of southern design. Interestingly, there is a hatch to insert one’s own poison into the blade, which travels through a tiny tube to the tip. A beautiful and cunning piece of metal work.

Weapon Model: Augmented Scaevan Magitek Hanger (Ochu Green)
Background: The blade of a new age of clones. While foreboding as a statement, the materials are not found anywhere else in the world, forming a blade sturdy beyond belief. It has been buffed and oiled for optimal usage.

Weapon Model: Belah'dian Degen
Background: Thavnair in design and make, this blade was used by the cunning co-captain of the Faux Talons. Made of light but sturdy metal, the edges have been sharpened for slicing and the point, sharpened. A beautiful piece for either collection or proper use.

Weapon Model: Lost Allegan Foil (Blood Red)
Background: The augmented arm blade of a reborn skypirate. Power courses through the internal catalyst of this blade, creating an energy like blade from the edges when activated. While Allagan in design, the sword appears to have been forged quite recently, possibly indicating evidence towards new weapon production in Azys Lla... Whatever the case, this rapier is a rare find.

Weapon Model: High Steel Gunblade
Background: Claimed from a boastful Keeper from Coerthas, this blade has the potential to serve a higher honor in the right hands. The weapon suits for all manners of combat, originally imbued with chambers designed to augment the ammunition with aspected ice aether.

Weapon Model: Augmented Shire Bayonet x10
Background: Reclaimed from a seized pirate ship, these bayonets are both elegant and simply in design. Our weaponsmith has ensured each chamber is smooth moving and easy to use.

Weapon Model: Deepshadow Manatrigger (Rhotano Blue)
Background: Garlean made, this gunbreaker showcases powerful magitek when activated, offering a brutal kick to any rounds shot or slash made at close range. A classic steel design.

Weapon Model: Revolver x10
Background: The simple design owes itself to Limsan blacksmiths producing these en masse in preparation for a Sahagin invasion. Excess gunblades were then sold on the weapons aftermarket before making their way into Night Raid’s hands. The revolving chamber does not enable the blade to shoot bullets, but triggers a shockwave through the blade for additional damage.

Weapon Model: Augmented Cryptlurker's Manatrigger (Mesa Red)
Background: While sporting an older design, this manatrigger is a fierce weapon in the right hands. The blade has been sharpened and the inner barrel cleaned. Average weight.

Weapon Model: Augmented Scaevan Magitek Gunblade (Halatali Yellow)
Background: Once belonging to a rogue Garlean unit, the inner workings of this gunblade have been lubricated and examined for smooth aether fire. All scratches have been buffed out. Somewhat heavy.

Weapon Model: Ronkan Manatrigger
Background: A beautiful gunblade of Ul’dahn design, this weapon is well used and still standing up with a sharp blade and clean inner barrel for aether bullets. Having been previously owned by an inventor, an experienced gunbreaker will realise that firing is far quicker on this gunblade than others. Has been buffed for a small dent.

Weapon Model: Emerald Sawback
Background: The creator origins of this gunblade are still rather shrouded in mystery, but its history is full of vigilante and criminal use. Sharp and highly aether conductive, a skilled gunbreaker will find the most use out of this unique piece.

Weapon Model: Tsukuyomi’s Odachi
Background: The blade of this elegant greatsword was partially forged from meteorite– a chunk of rock said to have fallen from the moon itself. The curved design makes for more aerodynamic and easier slashes.

Weapon Model: Blade of Light
Background: A thin katana retrieved from an undead soldier, lost in the snow. Despite its extreme temperature exposure, it remains as strong as when it was first forged, leading our weaponsmith to believe it may have some affinity to ice.

Weapon Model: Aischune
Background: The katana of a coldhearted duelist. While partially crystallised from fierce impact in battle, the metal of the blade is aether conductive, allowing for the energy of these crystals to be harnessed. It moves quicker than you’d expect, so caution is advised for the inexperienced.

Weapon Model: Deepgold Uchigatana (Nophica Green)
Background: Sword of a seer who fell from public standing, this blade was forged in the military captial of Hingashi and was gifted as a symbol of mutual understanding and faith. Lightweight and elegant in design, it has since been blessed again by a Hingan priest.

Weapon Model: Alexandrian Metal Katana
Background: Magitek in design, the smiths of Kugane’s Garlean outpost fashioned this blade with the spirit of the east. In attempts to please their prince, numerous designs have come from this blacksmith, but many were rejected and handed out to the soldiers instead. This is one such blade. Sharpened and charged for electric shock.

Weapon Model: Doman Iron Uchigatana x10
Background: A keen, thinly bladed katana forged in Hingashi for lesser nobility. The long blade is heavier than it looks. It can be swung with high speed and sever limbs, but the fragile blade is easily nicked. A good blade for the novice samurai.

Weapon Model: Elemental Blade (Grape purple)
Background: The blade of a rising member of the Yukuza, this blade sports a beautiful metal engraving. Purple hilt and lightweight, steel metal katana. Sharpened in preparation for new ownership.

Weapon Model: Augmented Hoshikiri (Mesa Red)
Background: The katana of a minor warlord of the east. Unlike conventional katanas, this blade was made with longevity in mind, being left thicker and sturdier like its cousin swords in the west. It is possible the Rust Devil commissioned it from overseas, however no confirmation can be made.

Weapon Model: Antiquated Kiku-ichimonji (apple green)
Background: The blade of an underwater killer. Stolen from ancient royal coffers, this blade has since been deemed ‘bad luck’ by the Ruby Palace and left in Night Raid’s hands. Sharpened and ready for new ownership, this beautiful design is one to brag about.

Weapon Model: Diamond Katana
Background: The blade of a vicious mafia lord. Beautifully, gold has been pressed into the blade to create a marbling effect at the base, fading into the hilt’s decorations. Durable and elegant, this is the perfect katana for one with fine taste and quick movements.

Weapon Model: Cryptlurker’s Samurai Blade
Background: No one knows where this blade came from. It bears no artisan’s signature, only a long history of being passed from one owner to the next. Rumor has it this blade can detect the soul of its wielder. Those with less than noble intentions may find that in their hour of need, this blade is nowhere to be found.

Lances, Spears, Fighting Staffs, etc. Each polished and redesigned by our forge, accompanied with the blade-end being wrapped in a fine cloth and ribbon.

Weapon Model: Susano Pike
Background: A powerful and angry crow demon known as the Otengu had once magnificently wielded this pike to defend their clan’s mountain, as well as impale any mortal suspected for having stolen their famously known blessed sake.

Weapon Model: White Oak Partisan
Background: The lance of a failed member of the Ishgardian clergy who desperately wanted to be a Dragoon. The end of the Dragonsong war yet again ruined her dreams, and she had her bloody revenge before being swiftly done in by an adventurer. All damage has been repaired in preparation for new ownership.

Weapon Model: Adamantite Spear x10
Background: Originally intended for use by the Alliance, these lances are built sturdy with beautiful brass trim. Each is slightly unique in its hammerings, and one shall find that, while weighty, a strike with it will leave an opponent reeling.

Weapon Model: Augmented Dreizack
Background: The lance of the last opposer to the Mitsuragi clan, head family to the current Hingan shogun. Electrically charged, opponents will quickly find lightning coursing through their body once struck, offering hunters the opportunity to take another blow while they’re recovering. An excellent gift for a mercenary.

Weapon Model: Hordebane x10
Background: Taken from the now unnecessary dragon fending tools left otherwise to gather dust in Ishgardian storage. Sharp, bone white, and able to pierce scales if given enough force.

Weapon Model: Horde Spear
Background: Made with the latest in Allegan studies on durability and density, this spear is both lightweight and incredibly sharp. One may notice that the material is surprisingly conductive to surrounding aether. Engravings have been detailed and the paint, reapplied.
edge for tearing through light armor.

Weapon Model: Baldur Spear x10
Background: Reclaimed from the Amalj'aa during a raid on Zahar’ak, the trident design of this spear allows for more damage with less precise movements. It’s said that fire aether lingers in these spears from their previous owners’ devotion to Ifrit. An excellent spear for a beginner or novice lancer.

Weapon Model: Lakeland Lance
Background: The last of three lances wedged in the back of Dalmasa’s fierce carnosaur “Torrent”, this weapon is decorated with the claws of a wyvern. Boasting a medium weight, the metal has been smoothed for scratches and treated to ensure beauty and function.

Weapon Model: Augmented Crystarium Spear (Gobbiebag Brown Dye)
Background: Hosting a crest of the four high houses of Ishgard, this lance was left behind in the back of a carnosaur in the wastelands of Dalmasca. The wooden portion has been replaced, offering these metal pieces a fresh new start. Lightweight.

Weapon Model: Byakko’s Lance
Background: Once belonging to a dragoon of eld, this lance was stolen by tomb raiders long ago, and has seen many owners throughout the years. Its original owner was said to wield the power of the heavens themselves, striking his foes with the speed and ferocity of a bolt of levin. Can you unlock this lance’s legendary potential?

Each bow comes with a quiver, though nothing too decorated or heavy. Arrows may be requested, though for an extra price. The strings to each bow have been re-enforced and replaced, as well as the rest being refined.

Weapon Model: Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow (Snow white)
Background: Owned by a rather loathed theft of the Convitory station. With a more modern suspension, the double bands offer farther distance shooting than conventional bows, offering more range to a sniper or archer. Any such hunter will be delighted to have such a weapon in their arsenal.

Weapon Model: Makai Bow (Jet Black)
Background: Made from the horn and bone of ogre, this bow was apprehended from a vigilante of long history in several continents, finally being captured in Ishgard. The bow string has been replaced and both limbs tested for stability. Can be used to fight at close range should an archer be hard pressed.

Weapon Model: Bow of the Autarch
Background: Once wielded by an Imperial Duplicarius, the augmented bow is built with tools to ensure marksman skills are enhanced and managed with adaptability. Upon its sight window opens an aether tracking panel to help its user gauge the most accurate distances, whilst taking the weather and momentum of the user into consideration.

Weapon Model: Bluespirit Longbow (Pure White)
Background: The quickly replaced priest to the faction of Corpse Brigade that took up religion over materia-converted souls. Despite its dubious origins, all materia have been removed and cleansed of its time in this weapon. Beautiful and elegant with its cut crystal design, this bow is perfect for any archer that likes to show off.

Weapon Model: Tsukuyomi's great bow
Background: Formerly owned by a Sekiseigumi officer turned rogue, this elegantly designed bow would make for an interesting conversation piece as well as a reliable tool in combat. With the limbs mirroring the lunar phases and encrusted jewels representing the full and new moon, this would make the perfect weapon for those who hunt during the night.

Weapon Model: Edenchoir Harp Bow
Background: Once owned by the Keeper known as the Aether Seeker, this curious bow proves far more intricate to be used for hunting common game, more as a liable tool for devastation when empowered with elemental aether. The limbs of the bow can accommodate elemental materia and augmentation orbs.

Weapon Model: Birch Longbow x10
Background: Sporting an elegant, Thavnarian design, these bows have had their leather grips reupholstered and been restringed in preparation for new hands. The lightweight birch design offers archers speed and mobility in battle, allowing them to keep a safe distance from their quarry.

Weapon Model: Neo-Ishgardian Longbow (Dark Green)
Background: The bow of a notorious fiend. Made in beautifully folded steel, the Ishgardian design here celebrates elegance and strength in equal measure. The bow string has been replaced, but otherwise, the condition of this bow is great.

Weapon Model: Law's Order Composite Bow (Chocolate Brown)
Background: An interesting shield and crossbow hybrid from Bozja. Used by a Garlean agent, this crossbow is made almost entirely in wood, sporting a confident naturalist look. Those who may find themselves under crossfire may favour the defense this bow offers.

Mind that each dagger displayed here comes with a twin. They have been polished, tinkered, and encased in oriental wooden boxes for travel and protection.

Weapon Model: Cryptlurker's Cleavers x8
Background: Sharpened and refitted for better handling, these blades are intended for dual and single hand use, having been once used in training for Brass Blade and Immortal Flame exercises alike. Each one has been carefully inspected for possible defects and shown no signs of impurities.

Weapon Model: Kasasagi
Background: While the original forgery of these daggers is unknown, the fierce striped design within the metal is something to admire, as folding of metal should normally remove such abnormalities in the metal. The decorative cloth was replaced with one of similar likeness after being burnt.

Weapon Model: Dreadwyrm Daggers
Background: The blades of a necromancer. Purged of any voidsent taint, the obsidian used in these blades has been chemically treated and sealed to avoid chipping and retain sharpness. Great for a deft hand.

Weapon Model: The Dancing Reeds
Background: These sharp Thavnairian beauts were not merely the owner of one, but many. They have been passed to different elite killers of many kinds, a design so slick as night, sharp enough to cut wind and enchance speed.

Weapon Model: Behemoth Knives
Background: The blades of a skilled void summoner. Having been cleansed of any impurities and void taint, upon inspection, it appears these blades are made with obsidian rock. Polished and smoothed, these daggers are lightweight and incredibly sharp.

Weapon Model: Daggers of the Heavens
Background: The knives of a faux alchemist. Ishgardian in design, the elegance of these blades is without doubt. Sharpened and shined for new ownership, these short daggers will prove the perfect weapon of self defence.

Weapon Model: Fae Knives (Meadow Green)
Background: Forged into the blade is a wind-aspected crystal, and the elegant floral design in these blades is the work of a master artisan, making for a pair of knives that are as beautiful as they are deadly.

Weapon Model: Antiquated Nagi
Background: The dagger of a famous portside thief. Made with obsidian from Hell’s lid and an elegant koppranickel hilt, this blade’s sharpness can easily cut through paper or flesh in equal measure. Disclaimer: Does not come in a set.

Weapon Model: Batsight Soto
Background: Daggers of a powerful blood mage, these once voidsent infused blades have since been cleansed of their impure powers. All the metal and obsidian has been buffed and polished, and the wooden handle has been replaced. An elegant choice for anyone holding their own.

Weapon Model: Seiryu’s Daggers
Background: These beautiful daggers were crafted years ago by a Doman artisan who claims to have taken inspiration from the east wind. Tragically, his smithy was destroyed by the Imperial occupation, and all of his weapons were scattered. These blades were the only ones to be recovered from the wreckage of an Imperial castrum. On each hilt is inscribed the Doman character for wood–a phase that represents growth.

Weapon Model: Kinna Claws (x2)
Background: This pair of relics has since been cleansed of the curse that lied within. Made with aether concentrated metals, the red hue of the metal shimmers softly in the dark. Sharpened and smoothed of any imperfections, these claws will suit a fierce pugilist well.

Weapon Model: Neo-Ishgardian Claws
Background: The claws of Vhodu the Hyena, whose lackeys and him scoured Ul’dah in petty crime and assault. While seemingly nothing special, rumour says these once belonged to a wealthy merchant who gave them up as payment for safe passage. A great pair of claws for any fist fighter looking to put a bit more bite into their strike.

Weapon Model: Serpent Officer's Claws
Background: The claws of the assailant to merchants traveling to and from the Doman Enclave, one would do well not to underestimate these blades for mere bamboo. Especially in the east, the jade appearance may mislead others into a false sense of security.

Weapon Model: Edenchoir Jamadhars
Background: The claws of a rather cunning engineer who took over a number of sharlayan machinery; these have since been reclaimed and buffed to remove the scrapes received in battle, boldly showing off the high quality metal. Many a pugilist have claimed to grow fond of claw-style weapons of late, making this set of jamadhars a great find.

Weapon Model: Storm Captain's Claws
Background: A reward for the Bloodsands season championships that has since been stolen over half a dozen times in unauthorised underground fighting. Now that it has been put into hunter hands, our weaponsmith has sharpened the claws for proper use in battle.

Arms that are capable of harboring magic properties or healing of any kind. Each do not hold or offer any magic, however a user is free to imbue or attune their magic to it's use and amplify it. Canes, chakrams, etc.

Weapon Model: Teak Cane
Background: From one of the only confirmed white mage sightings in the Shroud for quite some time, this cane was seized from a duskwright’s mad climb for power. The crystal catalyst is actually made of pink auracite, and is able to store a great deal of aether for later dispersal. Expert mages will be able to use this best.

Weapon Model: Palladium Rod
Background: Used by the infamous thief Kohaku, this rod is imbued with earth aspected energy, helping the user channel aether of the ground as well empower earth-based attacks. It is said that for every successful robbery Kohaku made, another metal feather was added. There are eleven in total.

Weapon Model: Durium Rod x10
Background: Reclaimed from Syndicate confiscation, these rods were once used by skilled hyuran mages. Each contains a catalyst that has been inspected for strength, and replaced if deemed inadequate. Mages worth their salt will appreciate the magickal conductivity these rods provide. Black, sleek, and buffed for shimmer, the aesthetics are also quite appealing.

Weapon Model: Soulscorge (Cherry Pink)
Background: Marble, crystal, and metal combined into a powerful mage’s staff. It is thought to have belonged to a member of the Sharlyan academy before they fled from Dravania. Buffed and polished, it has been tested and cleared of any possible corrupted aether.

Weapon Model: Aetherial Toothed Goathorn Staff
Background: Belonging to the silent black mage Enya, she ravaged the greenery of the Snakemolt with extreme prejudice, lashing out at anyone who dared come near the old collapsed ruins within. Its amethyst catalyst is fire aspected and in great condition.

Weapon Model: Augmented Lost Allagan Cane (ash grey)
Background: Utilizing magitek innards, this Allegan copy will give any mage a modern edge in combat with its boost to aether conductivity. Scratch resistant and offers a cool glow. For an experienced hand only.

Weapon Model: Bone Brand
Background: With wands falling out of favor among magic scholars, what remains in usage tends to be old and seasoned, containing ancient magics. This wand is no exception: while recently wrested from the hands of a would-be cult leader, experts think it’s far older than him. Carved from the bone of ancient beastkin and fitted with a bloodstone focus, this wand seems to lend itself to illusion magic, though the true depths of its capabilities remain unseen.

Weapon Model: Thavnairian Cane x10
Background: Foreign in design, the lightweight alloy used in these beautiful multi-faceted canes are resistant to changes in temperature, making them rather easy to hold onto regardless of weather. While less conductive of the basic six elements, light and darkness flow through this cane quite well. Sharp enough to stab with.

Weapon Model: Rakshasa Cane
Background: Once wielded by a yokai known as the Kosamebō, ghost-like priests which lure to feed on travelers in the mountains of Yanxia. This cane has been purified of it's corruption and more so attuned towards healing or holy-aspected magicks.

Weapon Model: Law's Order Rod (Ul Brown)
Background: The weapon of the drug fiend Hawkstrike. Found out in the east Shroud, two crystals top and cap the bottom of this staff. Highly conductive to electric energy, any mage who loves to strike Thunder on their foes ought to try this out for size.

Weapon Model: Kokuko Rod
Background: Allegedly crafted from the tail of a “yoru kitsune”, it’s said this rod grants you increased power at night time. Though these claims are dubious, the crystal focus in the center of the staff does seem to have an affinity for fire-aspected aether.

Weapon Model: Byakko's Cane
Background: Retrieved from a summoned voidsent from the deep sea, the origins of this staff are shrouded in some mystery, not belonging to the shores it was retrieved from. The design implies a nod to one of the four lords of the east, Byakko, and has a strong affinity for elemental magic. Best used by a conjurer or thaumaturge who embraces the elements.

Weapon Model: Augmented Clearpath
Background: Having previously been used by a rogue duskwight, this staff excels in both earth and wind magick affinity, having a solid metal build and all dents buffed out. Can be used to bludgeon as well with excellent results.

Weapon Model: Cryptlurker's Crook
Background: The fighting cane of a garlean soldier. Used by a skilled martial artist, it is not intended for magical use, but rather, physical. No signs of fracture or splintering have been found, and all metal rings have been polished.

Weapon Model: Animated Lunaris Rod
Background: A sharlyan artifact of the collapse in Dravania, this rod has traveled much via merchant sale and theft alike. Dainty and lightweight, one should still not take it lightly, as the power one can channel through it is immense.

Weapon Model: Augmented Clearpath
Background: Having previously been used by a rogue duskwight, this staff excels in both earth and wind magick affinity, having a solid metal build and all dents buffed out. Can be used to bludgeon as well with excellent results.

Weapon Model: Ruby Tide Windfire Wheels
Background: The glaides of an impurity-driven guard of the Ruby Palace. While the coral designs upon these blades are intriguing, they are not, in fact, real coral. Light weight and easy to use both on land and at sea, these are a great choice for adventurers who may find their battles in many places.

Weapon Model: Dwarven Mythril Glaives
Background: Once belonging to the now discharged Lieutenant Foswyn, the strong alloy used in these glaives is hard to match, rewarding its user with whistling strikes and deep damage. Recommended for someone who can handle the weight.

Weapon Model: Weathered Krishna x10
Background: These beautifully-crafted chakrams were imported from Thavnair. These are a bit heavier than ordinary chakrams, which pack quite a punch, but have a bigger kickback when retrieving them. As such, they are recommended only for the experienced dancer.

Weapon Model: Fae Tathlums
Background: The chakrams of a runaway eastern killer. The elegant and lightweight design may prove surprising to dancers who are used to a heavier set of weapons. Perfect for those with more technical skill than brawn.

Weapon Model: Cryptlurker's War Quoits (Turquoise Green)
Background: Twin sickles of an eastern dancer out for revenge. The deep, turquoise colour apparently comes from a special blend of metal smithing, offering a bright green shine when brought to the light.

Weapon Model: Enchufla
Background: Recovered from the Bozjan Southern Front, these chakrams are as beautiful as they are deadly. The jeweled and crescent moon design is reminiscent of Radz-at-Han, the birthplace of the dancer tradition as we know it.

Once wielded by the fiercest criminal, now polished and tinkered to be wielded by another user. Each axe comes with it's own fine cloth to cover the blade area, wrapped with silk ribbons.

Weapon Model: Giantsgall War Axe
Background: The axe to a very tight loan shark program in Ul’dah, Recola Stringer. Made of sturdy ore with an aesthetic purple shimmer, while appearing rough around the edges, this axe packs a strong wallop with no risk of cracking.

Weapon Model: Buccaneer's Bardiche
Background: Simple in design, one cannot fault the basics for its reliability. Taken from a Qestir who made her living by poaching endangered game. Upholstered for better grip.

Weapon Model: Blackbosom Soul x2
Background: The scythes of a married couple of reapers, out against the world. Both have been cleansed of void taint and buffed to return to pristine condition. Lightweight and easy to swing.

Weapon Model: Ronkan Labrys
Background: Unearthed from ancient ruins in Dalmasca, this axe was used by a fearsome sky pirate that laid claim to a great part of the skies of his home. All scratches have been buffed out and paint has been redone. Enjoy taking on the future with the past.

Weapon Model: Deepgold Battleaxe
Background: Used by the great Algaroix of the Shroud, a fierce man who specialised in extortion through personal kidnappings. It’s sleek and elegant design will charm any hunter looking for a weapon that can take the test of time and look good while doing it.

Weapon Model: Heavy Metal War Axe x10
Background: Having been traded in from the Marauders Guild, these axes are by no means amateur. Each has been used on duty by a Yellowjacket for at least a year before being given up. Despite being used, wear and tear has been buffed away and sharpened. Average weight and good for those who wish for a well balanced weapon.

Weapon Model: Bravura Replica x9
Background: Taken from a defeated band of men considering civil war in the Gyr Abanian region. Sharpened and prepared for new ownership, these axes are a greatweight for slamming into your enemies.

Weapon Model: Dwarven Mithril Hammer
Background: A warmaul of war tyrants. The head is weighted and heavy, able to cleave through foe and field alike, and the pommel is well-balanced and also seems to be made of a conductive material for mass amounts of aether. Specialized for one who prefers close-quarters combat with a brisk punch of potent magics.

Weapon Model: Doman Iron War Axe
Background: Formerly wielded by a Bloodsands upstart, Jaqh’li the Headsman, who was known for both his ruthless nature and for fleeing his final battle in the arena. Forged by a skilled Doman blacksmith, this axe is, curiously, resistant to magic. It’s also heavier than most axes, and a bit small to fit its previous owner’s Miqo’te frame.